How to prevent flood damage

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In recent years, extreme floods have hit the nation and have caused extensive structural damage to both residential properties and businesses. Consequently, it is important to implement precautionary measures which will limit any flood damage to your home or business and which will speed up the restoration process. To help, listed below are our top three tips on how to prevent flood damage.

1. Invest in flood resistant materials

When carrying out house renovations, you should install floor resistant materials – you could lay ceramic tiles on ground floor surfaces and advise your kitchen fitters to place all of your units and electrical sockets above ground level. By implementing these measures well in advance, you will be able to repair flood damage more rapidly should any unfortunate incidents occur.

2. Remove any obstacles

Extreme floods can cause debris to fall and damage buildings. Therefore, you should endeavour to cut back any large branches that overhang your property and to store any heavy valuables, such as power tools, that may be swept away by floods or which may collide with your property.

3. Create an emergency kit

If you put together an emergency flood kit that is full of essential supplies, you will be sufficiently equipped to cope in the event of a flood. Important items that you should pack within this kit include: a torch, blankets, waterproof clothing and footwear, bottled water, canned food supplies, a first aid kit, a portable radio with spare batteries and a list of contact numbers for local services that can come to your aid (such as the numbers for the flood helpline, emergency services, and joinery and building services).