Looking after the outside of your property

With the days getting longer, major outdoor projects such as exterior house painting come into sharper focus. The chances are you’ve been thinking about it over the winter and may have already decided on the colour you want for exterior walls and other surfaces, but have you made up your mind whether you’re going to tackle it yourself or get in professional housepainters to do the job? If you are considering doing it yourself, here are some professional tips to help keep you right.

  • Work out the type of paint you need for the various surfaces, estimate accurately how much paint you’ll need and buy enough paint to complete the job, including extra for touching up jobs.
  • Buy in bigger tins and stick to quality brands. Cheaper paint often results in a cheaper looking finish that won’t last as long. Never mix different brands of paints as you can’t be sure of the result.
  • Be sure of the colour scheme before you start applying paint to avoid costly, time-consuming, and frustrating back-tracking.
  • Make sure all surfaces are properly prepared (washed, sanded down etc.) before you start painting. This is one of the most important tips, and one that can be easily overlooked by the DIY painter, especially if you’re short of time and trying to get the job done at weekends or during the holidays.

With interior projects you can take it a room at a time, but for the best results exterior house painting needs to be done in one go, and done with great care, which is why we’d always recommend using professional housepainters for the job.