What to consider in the winter months

By December 6, 2017 Tips No Comments

Winter is here and with winter comes cold, the festive season and then, it gets even colder!

Depending on where you live hazardous conditions could be a concern of yours. This means that you may need to add some extra protection to your home so that you can keep that Cold Air in the Home out.

Here’s What to consider in the Winter Months:

Hold back the drafts

What to do about drafts?

One step that should be taken in order to keep out the cold is to close the gaps on the exterior of your home.

A report by the department of energy suggests that the average home leaks enough the fill a two-foot square hole!

There are ways to close those gaps. First of all, check where the gaps are, frequent places are windows and doors. If your home is old then this will be a more frequent issue. Not to worry though, if you need any Repair Work Edinburgh give us a call on 0131 447 5327 and we’ll see what we can do for you! Or why not head to our contact page and send us an enquiry through the contact form!