What you need to know about dry rot

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How Do You Get Dry Rot

Dry rot is usually caused due to different types of fungi. The fungi visibly weakens the wood give it rigidity, and typically causes wood to appear very dry, hence its name. You may think that dry rot is caused due to dry surroundings however it’s actually the result of the wood getting in contact with too much water! If this is not caught early on then the dry rot will quickly disintegrate the wood.

How To Prevent Dry Rot 2018

The first thing you can do is avoid excess moisture in the building. This can be managed by ensuring that small jobs around the house are being done. If you happen to have a plumbing issue then make sure that it is dealt with as soon as possible. If excess moisture is just uncontrollable, wood treatment is a viable option to protect yourself – this is a job that we at George Hardie & Son can do for you. Get in touch today so that we can help you with dry rot issues and any other issues that plague your home or property.

If, unfortunately, you’re reading this page when it’s too late and dry rot has already become a problem for you, we’re here to save the day. If you need Dry Rot Treatment Edinburgh 2018, we have the skills, manpower and expertise to fully eradicate dry rot, whether it’s in your home, office building or elsewhere. We have full public liability insurance and many happy customers.

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